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Date Night: Private Theatre Performance at the Orpheus Club Photos

Excerpt of the performance

Hit play and then use the full screen option in the lower right corner of video to view.
The Cast: Wilfred Morgenhall, Barrister........................ Richard Bravo
Herbert Fowle, Accused Murderer ................ Donald Swenson
Directed by Richard Bravo


Philadelphia Markham Club Members
are invited to
Join Founder Matthew D. Dupee
at The Right Angle Club

The Markham Club premiere events have concluded, but check back, because Matt has much in store and will send updates soon!
You can also join him at The Right Angle Club Meeting, where he will be the guest speaker.

History of Gentlemen's Clubs in Philadelphia
and the USA

Friday, December 18, 2015
Grille Room at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia
Luncheon Cost:
Payable at the door $25 / Cash bar

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The Markham Club is the premier nationwide men’s social club, offering the highest quality curated experiences in the most exclusive private clubs throughout the country and the world.


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As a member of the Markham Club you will be invited to dozens of privately curated events each year locally and throughout the country at the best private clubs throughout the United States.


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~ Exclusive Member Only Events at the Best Private Clubs ~ Tailored Luxury Lifestyle Digital Content ~ Bespoke  Club Merchandise ~ Member Directory ~ Newsletter ~ Latest Info on Club Life Throughout the World ~


Club Life Quote - Ian Moncrieffe
Club Life Quote - Ian Moncrieffe